The concept Daily Fiction with its more than 200 small design items is our biggest collaboration to date. The idea for Daily Fiction was to create a candy store for grown ups, and by combining the products in different selections, creating unique stories. A playful tone of voice was developed to add an extra touch and unique personality to each product. Normann Copenhagen found us a match for this project as they liked the way we translate fashion to other industries – making things current but unseasonal. The project included design of the products, with everything from color scale, print design, materials and surfaces to wrapping and in the end also concept for images, presentation and event. The Daily Fiction concept has launched globally to delight stationary aficionados and novices around the world.

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Femmes Régionales for Kvadrat

Textile innovator Kvadrat commissioned us to do two curtain designs for their new reversible 2nd face collection. As always we found inspiration in the world of fashion and used blocks of colours and patterns for the designs. The two designs Habit and Dress come in a range of neutral to subtle coloured hues and are aimed at large scale contracts like hotels and offices that wish for a bit of fab femmes glam in front of their windows.

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A tiny book for a big anniversary

For our five year anniversary we packed a scanner, camera and printer and a couple of bikinis and travelled all the way to Mallorca – where the sun is always shining. The result was the artwork for the tiny anniversary book and two heavily overweighted suitcases filled with new Spanish inspiration. The tiny book was made with lots of ‘amour’ and a touch of magic! It highlighted favorite projects from the past and present as well as all the little things that we just can’t help doing.

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