The concept Daily Fiction with its more than 200 small design items is our biggest collaboration to date. The idea for Daily Fiction was to create a candy store for grown ups, and by combining the products in different selections, creating unique stories. A playful tone of voice was developed to add an extra touch and unique personality to each product. Normann Copenhagen found us a match for this project as they liked the way we translate fashion to other industries – making things current but unseasonal. The project included design of the products, with everything from color scale, print design, materials and surfaces to wrapping and in the end also concept for images, presentation and event. The Daily Fiction concept has launched globally to delight stationary aficionados and novices around the world.

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zizzi black label

Zizzi came to us with a wish to expand their mainline with a new elegant, classic and luxurious capsule collection named ’Zizzi Black Label’. The focus of the collection was to create long lasting wardrobe darlings for the modern curvy woman. Again the project included every aspect of creating a new line – design of the collection, visual identity, campaign, lookbook and concept for fair stand. Sure to say that style has nothing to do with size.

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MUNTHE repositioning

With 20 years of history, designer and owner, Naja Munthe approached us to redefine the essence of Munthe plus Simonsen to open up the universe to new costumers and markets. The process started with a strategic workshop deciding to change the name to MUNTHE, and was implemented in a descriptive brand personality, a new visual identity, logo and directions for images and shows.

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Kurhotel Skodsborg new visual identity

With the appointment of new visionary Managing Director, Mai Kappenberger, Kurhotel Skodsborg selected Femmes Regionales to design their new visual identity and logo with the overall brief of creating something fitting a 5-star hotelstandard and with the potential to make Kurhotel Skodsborg the new leader within Scandinavian spas. The aim with the visual identity was to bridge the future and the past, and to design a look both intriguing to Scandinavian and international guests.

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Baum und Pferdgarten repositioning

Baum und Pferdgarten approached us with the task to strengthen the clarity of the brand with a new and internationally minded visual expression. The output of the strategic process was a brandpersonality putting the magic of B&P into words and a graphic guideline combining the corporate with the creative. We continue to implement the strategy in our ongoing collaboration with B&P with refining the new look each season on all visual platforms, from campaigns, retail and fair stand design, graphic productions and the big bi-annual fashion show.

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Noa Noa repositioning

Brandrevitalization of women’s brand Noa Noa started with creating a new working title for their universe. We came up with modern romance as a rejuvenated version of the bohemian style that was Noa Noa’s original claim to fame. The process of creating a new Noa Noa included a re-design of their logo and adding a hallmark, concepts and graphics for various platforms such as client society, packaging, tone of voice, events and marketing, a new decor line and website. As the icing on the cake we developed and produced a new bi- annual costumer magazine ’ a journal on romance’ – with the philosophy that romance will never go out of style.

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wardrobe of wonders

Plus-size brand Zizzi asked us to come up with a new concept for a sub-line with a younger and more fashion forward appeal. The concept we worked out was W.O.W – short for wardrobe of wonders. The idea was to create a contemporary wardrobe for plus size fashionistas with bold, flattering and fresh styles to choose from, and in a style hard to find elsewhere in the plus-size market. The project included every aspect of creating a new line – design of the collection, visual identity, campaign, lookbook and concepts for retail look and launch party. As always more truly is more!

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