Anybody was a curated experience that challenged the norms of the fashioned body. The project was a collaboration between Danish Fashion Institute, Femmes Régionales and curator Ane Lynge-Jorlén during Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture, where some of the finest Danish fashion and art talents were asked to rethink and reinterpret the body beyond the limits of fashion.

The creations were first showcased at a grand event opened by esteemed editor Penny Martin of the Gentlewoman. The experience also included food-art by Augusta Sørensen and music composed by Lil-Lacy. The project then transformed the large windows at department store Salling into a flesh coloured universe of weird and wonderful with daily performances. For us the project included co-curation, exhibition and event design, a full visual identity and web design of and production of still and moving images.

Talents: Anne-Sofie Overgaard, Cæcilie Dyrup, Emilie Grubert, Esben Weile Kjær, Fjord Ruby, Liselotte Hornstrup, Marie Munk, Marie Sloth Rousing, Nanna Bernholm, Olly van Huizen, Siff Pristed, Stinemai and Stine Sandermann. Photos by: Alexander Höllsberg and Paw Gissel. Movie: Carl Marott.

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In a time where a fashion show is much more than what happens on the catwalk, we provided a full production for B&P including show concept, casting, scenography front- and backstage, giveaway and graphic design for invitation and Instagram – thus making sure no chance was lost to create relevant content capturing the story of the season for all platforms. The show was hosted by renowned auction house Bruun Rasmussen, who gave us free hands to refurnish their beautiful space with holographic techno-tastic effects in combination with selected art pieces.

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Our latest collaboration ‘Posh Pillows’ with interior house Normann Copenhagen feels very close to home for us. Inspired by the fashion trend of eclectic print mixing, we’ve designed four prints in surprising colour combinations to light up the days ahead. Feel free to get into a pillow fight over these beauties.

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The concept Daily Fiction with its more than 200 small design items is our biggest collaboration to date. The idea for Daily Fiction was to create a candy store for grown ups, and by combining the products in different selections, creating unique stories. A playful tone of voice was developed to add an extra touch and unique personality to each product. Normann Copenhagen found us a match for this project as they liked the way we translate fashion to other industries – making things current but unseasonal. The project included design of the products, with everything from color scale, print design, materials and surfaces to wrapping and in the end also concept for images, presentation and event. The Daily Fiction concept has launched globally to delight stationary aficionados and novices around the world.

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noa noa autumn 16 campaign

The Noa Noa Autumn 16 collection was inspired by the idea of still life and pauses in a hectic world. Shot on the top floor in an old factory building and a few subtle props added, we tried to capture the beautiful quietness of the beautiful collection. Shot as always by Mr. Casper Sejersen.

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FemmesRegionales_photo_CasperSejersen_NoaNoa_Autumn16_2 FemmesRegionales_photo_CasperSejersen_NoaNoa_Autumn16_3