The concept Daily Fiction with its more than 200 small design items is our biggest collaboration to date. The idea for Daily Fiction was to create a candy store for grown ups, and by combining the products in different selections, creating unique stories. A playful tone of voice was developed to add an extra touch and unique personality to each product. Normann Copenhagen found us a match for this project as they liked the way we translate fashion to other industries – making things current but unseasonal. The project included design of the products, with everything from color scale, print design, materials and surfaces to wrapping and in the end also concept for images, presentation and event. The Daily Fiction concept has launched globally to delight stationary aficionados and novices around the world.

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noa noa autumn 16 campaign

The Noa Noa Autumn 16 collection was inspired by the idea of still life and pauses in a hectic world. Shot on the top floor in an old factory building and a few subtle props added, we tried to capture the beautiful quietness of the beautiful collection. Shot as always by Mr. Casper Sejersen.

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FemmesRegionales_photo_CasperSejersen_NoaNoa_Autumn16_2 FemmesRegionales_photo_CasperSejersen_NoaNoa_Autumn16_3

baum und pferdgarten aw16 campaign

The inspiration for Baum und Pferdgartens AW16 collection was found in the breathtaking Milanese Villa Necchi – For the campaign we sought to recreate the silent sophistication of the villa and bring out the collections richness in texture and color. Shot on location at Gubi’s beautiful Copenhagen store by Photographer Casper Sejersen behind the camera and shining star Line Brems in front. La vita e bella..

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Modström aw16 campaign

Modströms AW16 collection was inspired by the idea of an old house in the Hamptons complete with interior and wardrobe – closed up and left back in the 70ies by its owners – only to be found again and reopened in present time to discover all the hidden treasures. These discoveries have inspired the campaigns modern take on romance and nostalgia, with floral overload and heavy furniture galore. Shot by lovely lady Sascha Oda.

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