In a time where a fashion show is much more than what happens on the catwalk, we provided a full production for B&P including show concept, casting, scenography front- and backstage, giveaway and graphic design for invitation and Instagram – thus making sure no chance was lost to create relevant content capturing the story of the season for all platforms. The show was hosted by renowned auction house Bruun Rasmussen, who gave us free hands to refurnish their beautiful space with holographic techno-tastic effects in combination with selected art pieces.

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When Mikkeller was to move into a new and bigger location they asked us to capture the spirit of the company in a new interior design. The interior of the offices bring in elements from the first ever Mikkeller bar, the love of the colorful universe of Verner Panton with warehouselike utility elements. The result is functional and flamboyant at the same time and truly its own.

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Mark kenly domino tan show aw17

For Mark Kenly Domino Tans AW17 show we brought together a lot of good friends to elevate the experience. Normann Copenhagens new showroom served as a modern backdrop for the show – complete with ‘probably-the-most-beautiful-backstage-in-town’ furnished complete with Normann Copenhagen. Trine Skjøth and Cim Mahony developed the expressive look for NYX and L’Oréal Professional. As always making an effort and putting the powers of many together proves to have a beautiful impact, and then you haven’t even gotten us started on the stunning collection…

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The city of ice cream

For the CIFF kids SS16 fair Femmes Régionales were invited to design the concept for their special project – an area dedicated to give visitors a fun, playful and surprising visual experience. Being big fans of everything childish and sweet we came up with a city scenario filled with oversized plastic fantastic popsicles and balloon waffles in bright colours, and warm visitors were treated with cool treats from a Hansen Ice cream van. Mmm..Yum!

Belsac showroom interior

The design of the showroom was part of the strategic revamp of Danish accessories brand Belsac. The visual concept draws inspiration from the clash between modern Scandinavian design and the voluptuous aesthetic of a french perfumery. The interior features misty green display walls, golden octagon shaped podiums and a collage of mirrors – all intended to highlight the natural attributes of Belsacs bag collection.

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fields campaigns 2014

When working on as big a scale as a shopping mall like Field’s, it is important to make your message very clear. For Field’s we have developed a unique language for their decor, always combining large graphic elements with bespoke styling showing off the large offer of the shops in a creative way.

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graphic interior for Field’s offices

As part of renovating their rental office building, Field’s proposed us to design a united identity for the interior. We came up with a journey in colours from ground to top floor, giving each level its own unique scale and the whole house a collective colour story topped with black details. We believe that the quality of your surroundings rubs off on the quality of your day. Don’t be a stranger – give the femmesphone a call if you want your office to shine.

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Field’s Fashion retail concept

Concept development with the focus to strenghten the fashion profile of Field’s. We created a new special retail concept showcasing the vast selection of fashion in oversized wardrobes and peek-a-boo windows. And supported the visual expression with trend forecasts to inspire costumers.

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