The concept Daily Fiction with its more than 200 small design items is our biggest collaboration to date. The idea for Daily Fiction was to create a candy store for grown ups, and by combining the products in different selections, creating unique stories. A playful tone of voice was developed to add an extra touch and unique personality to each product. Normann Copenhagen found us a match for this project as they liked the way we translate fashion to other industries – making things current but unseasonal. The project included design of the products, with everything from color scale, print design, materials and surfaces to wrapping and in the end also concept for images, presentation and event. The Daily Fiction concept has launched globally to delight stationary aficionados and novices around the world.

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blickfang creative direction 2014

For the third consecutive year we designed the global visual identity for blickfang. The graphic ingredients we used this year was a grid based on a pattern designed by curators Scholten & Baijings combined with blickfangs signature magenta colour. The result was a very clear and recognizable identity used on everything from outdoor advertising to printed material. Pretty in pink – we sure think.

baum und pferdgarten lookbook trilogy

With Baum und Pferdgarten one of our most important tasks is to always refine what is already good. This is why we always stick to our lookbook concept for 3 seasons. Fashion is a very impatient industry with a very personal product, and by insisting on not changing our minds every season we show the strong direction in the designs by Baum und Pferdgarten that also goes beyond the changing seasons.

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